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  • Students Taking Statistics

    Get the tutoring help you need for one low price

    – I will help you with your assignments
    – I will answer any questions you have about class materials or subject matter
    – I will review your work before submission if sent at least 48 hours before it is due

  • Dissertation Students

    I can help you with any aspect of your dissertation including:

    – Topic selection
    – Research Plan/Prospectus
    – Chapter 1 – Introduction
    – Chapter 2 – Literature Review
    – Chapter 3 – Methodology Section
    – Chapter 4 – Data analysis and reporting
    – Chapter 5 – Discussion of Results
    – Proposal or Dissertation Defense Preparation

  • Academic Researchers/Professors

    Publishing is critically important for college and university academics. I can help you with:

    – Research topic selection
    – Selecting the appropriate research design
    – Statistical test selection
    – The Methods Section of your report
    – The Analysis Section of your report
    – General consulting and brainstorming

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    After we decide the best course of action during the call, we begin working together over the next 30 days to achieve your objectives.

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30 Days of Unlimited Help for $330

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