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Bridget O.

Hi Jacob,

Ten minutes ago I was sitting over an SPSS book crying out of frustration...then I found your site. You are a Godsend and I want to thank you...

Varsty M.

Hi Jacob!

I survived Statistics and made it through with an A thanks to you. I also didn’t get the A in Research Methods but I will settle for the B because it could have gone the other way. Thanks again…you are an angel sent by God!

Michelle C.


I must tell you, I have been emailing my advisors  for 3 days now trying to get a response from them. You are incredible!!! I can’t express to you how much this means to me for you to help me with this.

Irene N.

"Hi Jacob,

"Thanks for creating your site and videos. You are AWESOME! I'm working through your videos and finding them to be far more helpful than my professor or the book we use for our class."

Jo-Ann S.

"Hi Mr. Jacob,

I got a 97% on my statistics final! My final average was a 99.1% all thanks to your exceptional help! God bless you!"

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